Spirit Medicine

Too few moments in life are sacred. Too often do we brush aside moments with the divine as "coincidence" and continue about our lives. 

If you have a yearning for connection, a yearning to imbue your life with magic, a yearning to explore what lies beyond the veil, then you're in the right place. 

As a confirmed addict of connecting with the divine, I find my purpose lives in helping others realize their own magic and potential. 

Tarot Card Readings

When we work with the tarot we are working with powerful Spirit Medicine.

Tarot is used to reveal messages from the unconscious mind, our guides and ancestors and the collective unconscious of the Universe.  The messages the cards convey are a microcosm of the whole - meaning the cards reveal the bigger picture and underlying components of a situation. 

Each healing session begins with a tarot spread. I use this as a diagnostic tool (much like how a doctor would listen to your heart or take your blood pressure to understand your health before the healing begins). 

As we sit together in sacred space, I connect with your energy and the energy of those who may be involved in the situation and craft a card reading that best fits the work we are doing.

Reiki & Chakra

Our energy bodies are as complex as our physical bodies and both are tightly interwoven to create a beautiful organism in which your spirit resides. 

The layers of your aura and the complexities of your chakras can regulate your mood, your impulses and the health of your body. During your energetic healing appointment, I will scan your energetic field for disruptions, dark spots and incongruities - all you have to do is relax.  During a Reiki session I work with Source Energy to clear that which is holding you back and to fill those spaces with divine energy and light. 

Crystals, oils, plants, sound and other modalities (as you feel comfortable) may be used during our energy healing sessions to promote wholeness and health in the energy body. Many people notice after these sessions that they feel lighter, well-rested, relaxed and personally empowered. 


The benefits of energy healing with Reiki can create a domino effect in our lives, allowing us to make better decisions, to be more open to love and abundance and to access our gifts more freely. 

Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing is an especially potent form of spirit medicine, and one from which everyone can benefit. 

Together we step into Non-Ordinary Reality using a variety of techniques (sound, smell, guided visualization) and meet with your guides, helping spirits and higher self to promote profound spiritual, mental and emotional healing. 

Most cultures throughout history have relied on their own variety of shamanic practitioner to serve as guides beyond the veil to help relay messages and facilitate a space for healing. Many of the traditional tools I use  are derived from neo-shamanic practices, but my Celtic lineage and ancestral ties to this magic definitely color the sessions with Western European influences. 

Shamanic healing sessions are co-creative, exploratory and tailor fit to your custom needs. No two sessions are the same, and we will work together at your comfort-level to ensure you get what you need out of every session.