Frequently Asked Questions

I’m nervous to get my cards read, I don’t want to know anything bad.

I am a firm believer that the cards will not tell us anything we do not with to know. Tarot cards act as signposts along our journey. They guide us and give us gentle direction.  If I am driving in the mountains and I see a “Beware of Falling Rocks” sign, it doesn’t mean I’m going to be hit by a falling rock, but I’m sure will heighten my awareness and proceed differently along my path.

How/When will I get my reading?

Your reading will be delivered via video recording within 72 hours of your order.

How is it possible to perform readings long distance? Don’t I have to be there?

Quantum physics man. While our physical bodies inhabit one dimension, our etheric bodies roam the astral realms. I believe that every human is connected, and all I need do is pluck at the string of your energy to establish a connection to begin our readings.  I set a space to make this possible and connect with you before your reading is performed.


Will you teach me tarot?

I love teaching others tarot!
Send an email to to ask about private tutoring.


Can I get an in-person reading?

Yes! I do readings twice a week at Apothecary Tinctura in Denver, Colorado. Visit to book a reading or email me directly to ask about setting up an in-person appointment.


If the reading is long distance, why do I have to give you my address?

My shopping cart is not yet sophisticated enough to handle digital only orders, so for now entering a shipping address is mandatory. Sorry. You can click the “same as billing address” button to shorten your checkout process.


What deck do you use for your readings?

I will almost always use my Golden Universal Tarot deck. It is an offshoot of the Rider Waite deck and one that I love working with. Occasionally, I run offers or specials using different decks but usually stick with my tried and true everyday deck.


I see you post the video of your reading on YouTube, how does that work?

The links are not public, they are set to “unlisted” - this means that they are not searchable by anyone and cannot be found by anyone without a link.  I share the link only with you and not with anyone else. However you are more than welcome to share the video link with whomever you wish.


How long can I view my video?

The video will stay up for 2 months from the time of your order.

Will the cards see my future?

This is a complicated answer, and like our futures can take a long and winding path. I believe in many futures, in many truths and a web of possibilities that is woven by our choices and the choices of others.

The cards do not predict a static future or a steady outcome. We lead gorgeous and dynamic lives and the cards can provide us with clues as to how present energies, thoughts and actions can add up to potential future outcomes.

This is not to say that the cards cannot help us deal with the future. If we have curiosity surrounding future events, the cards are a guide to point out what internal and external factors have an influence in the matter and can provide insight into how best to proceed.